My day wasn't too exciting, listened to a bit of Between The Buried and me, talked to Matt R. online and he was just an asshole to me as usual, but I didn't even bother retaliating with an insult.

Then I talked to Kyle, we took showers then afterwards we we're both discussing on what we should wear, it was pretty awesome.
He then picked me up, went to Pizza Hut to get his check, then to Mighty Taco. I was a little upset when I found out the guy that made my veggie burritto forgot to put the sauce on it, and only threw in like one tomato. I just complained to Kyle and ate it anyway. Afterwards Nick picked us up at his apartment with Topher and we went to the Radio Rebellion Tour at the Icon. We missed the first band, saw Misery Signals. They we're alright, the chord for the singer's mic was messed up though and kept cracking when he screamed/sang into it. Fear Before The March Of Flames was pretty dissapointing, their new stuff sucks and they suck at playing it live. However they did play "See You In The Shallows" and one other old song, which sounded a lot better.

Between The Buried And Me was...epic. They we're so much better this time around that last December with ETID. They played Selkies: The Endless Sky Obsession which is possibly my favorite song on Alaska, they also played a couple old songs minus Mordecai : ( meh oh well. I was surprised when they decided to play their cover of Bicycle Race by Queen, it was so intense. "Jaws was never my scene and I don't like Star Wars!" But I have to say Tommy Rogers is by far the best vocalist I have ever seen live. If you want the song Bakwards Marathon, you don't have to listen to the entire song, fast forward to 6:17 seconds and listen. I could not believe he hit that high note sounded exactly like the cd. I was in shock. "it's raining, it's raining, it's raaaaaaaaining." I could see the back of his throat vibrating, he's just so intense on stage, and he's also amazing at keyboard. Every single person in that band is so talented, I just love their music. That my friends is why they are one of my favorite bands.
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There's a difference between want and need.

Hung out with Nicole and Delaney earlier, we watched the crow with Bryce.
We all pretty much butchered and laughed extremely hard at that movie.
Then Bryce left and Nicole, Delaney and I just talked in Nicole's livingroom for...about 3 hours.

People have changed so much since last year, and not for the better.
Friend's have become unreliable, cold, and dishonest.
At this point in time I wish I never dated him, because of the person who he is today.
I wish I never knew him, and he was never a part of my life.

It's amazing how much people waste they're lives on meaningless things,
while completely fucking up the big picture.
It's amazing how much time you waste thinking about a person,
just hoping that they're life turns out ok,
when they don't even give a shit about yours.

But that's life.

I'm not looking forward to the future, but I don't enjoy living in the past.
So I think I'll just enjoy the present and make plans, let's hope I follow through.

Also while making fun of the Crow, we realized Delaney was the only one that eats meat,
so then she stated that she'd rather eat meat and be unhealthy.
Then we we're just like..."YEAH! We're going to be healthy and live until we're 100 and still be active!"
Right after that I was just like "You'll be all cripped in a wheelchair."(Me acting crippled)
then at the same time Bryce was like..."We'll be doing Tai Chi on beaches!"(Bryce does Tai Chi movements)
and Nicole was just like "IN DEPENDS!"

Afterwards Delaney was pretty much just like..."Wtf just happened."
It was awesome.

I forgot to add that last night. lol
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"Pictures fade away, but memories forever."

Sitting on rocks next to water, overlooking railbridges, is quite beautiful at night.
Lights from the city reflecting onto the water,
just the scenery overall makes you forget how cold you really are.
I imagined what it would have been like on a warm summer night, while sitting from what looked to be an awkward postion on an angled rock, but was actually quite comfortable.

While I was standing before that,
I watched Alex and Matt throw a tree branch into the water,
attempting to push it far enough out into the river so the current would take it.
They we're unsuccessful.

But anyway, the main reason for this entry is to recall how I felt,
and what I thought about during our time spent at that particular spot.

After standing for about 10 to 15 minutes, overlooking the water and city lights,
I started thinking about that moment.
It's pretty unforgettable in my mind,
and for some reason I felt like everyone else in the world was missing out except us three.
I felt like everyone else was being cheated to not be there with us and see it for themselves.
Doing stuff like this, is what I want to remember when I get old.
I'm so thankful to have memories like these, because if I never knew these people,
I would have never experienced something like that.
Which is why I'm thankful to have friends that do things like this.

Last night was amazing,
even though at the time the idea seemed pointless and boring.

The Mark

"The Mark"

She stumbles down the front step, not even four years old.
She gets up, blood trailing down her knee while tears run down her face,
Wondering if the pain will ever stop, if the hurt would just go away, like night into day.
Her face is flushed red, she watches the sun hit the pavement,
she would be drowing in the rays if not for the shadow created by the towering apartment complex.

She dries her eyes and walks into arms of comfort,
they're hands clean the blood and bandage the wound.

Weeks pass, the bandage is disgarded.
A mark has formed where the cut once was,
she convinces herself to look down,
only to find a caterpillar crawling in between her faded untied shoes.

Years pass.
The mark is finally noticed by the eyes of the body that had recieved it.
The moment is remembered.
She whispers to herself while motioning her hand over the long past healed wound,
"My first scar."
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I love Angels & Airwaves.

"I'm sorry I have to say it but you look like you're sad
Your smile is gone; I've noticed it bad
The cure is if you let in just a little more love
I promise you this, a little's enough..."

Everyone Loves Montclam!


Me - "What the fuck is a Montclam!?"

good times.

Other things that happened recently with JP, Nick, Kyle and Mike...

-Holding up the 219 at 1am, and having some guy get so pissed to the point where he drove on the rumble patch to get in front of us.
-Getting pulled over, because someone called and complained.
-The cop was pretty much just laughing at us when he realized we we're all 18 and sober,
and probably because what we did was completely hilarious.
-Capturing it all on video...priceless.

-Timmy Ho's in Springville, and getting called dicks by the lady working there because
everytime we asked her for a type of bagel, they did not have it. SORRY.
Then Nick asking her if she spit in our food, her reply...
And everyone joking about how she probably spit in my hot chocolate. Awesome...drank it anyway.

-Going up to Sculpture Park at 3:30am,
and not even making it halfway down one of the paths, because everyone thought they saw a person and ran,
when I just stood there and said it was just a cow or a horse.

-Trying to go back up the path, hearing the horse neigh and everyone runs,
even though the two horses were behind bars.

-Nick being scared out of his mind, then while driving back down one of the roads,
there's a little deer on the side of the road, someone screams like a five year old girl..
to our surprise it was Nick. That was definitely one of the highlights of my life so far.

Other than that, last night played an acoustic Pump Train set at 29 Custer.
I felt so awkward there because everyone had a bottle in they're hand containing some sort of alcohol,
or a coffee mug filled with Whiskey Cider, or both.
I mean I saw a bunch of empty beer bottles outside, but after walking in, to the left were cases of home brewed beer.
Probably around a hundred bottles.
I was kinda glad though, that I was pretty much the only one there that didn't drink.
Because I don't need to do that in order to have a good time.

During the set I messed up Industry Parkway soo bad, I messed up quite a bit on all the songs,
because I learned them in 2 days.
I really had no purpose being at the show, Dan could have played it by himself.
However afterwards he thanked me for playing because he would have been extremly nervous up there alone.
I then hitched a ride with John G. and after saying goodbye to Dan, he hugged me...which was really weird,
because he's such an asshole to me, and in general.

Meh oh well, I'm tired and going to bed now.

p.s. Kyle's a jerk face, and sucks at rapping.
Just kidding...only kidding about half of that statement though.
Which part is true and which part is false???
The world may never know.
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This month sucked...

I feel like a jerk right now,
I really am sorry Kyle about everything youre going through right now,
and I'm sorry I had to add to it.

Nothing really exciting happened,
Saturday played a show with Evan Greer in my basement,
he is one phenominal guitar player/singer/songwriter.

Besides that nothing good has happened...
Everytime I hang out with Jp, Nick, and Kyle,
my parents think I'm out having sex.

Today my dad asked me if I was throwing up in the bathroom,
I said no why?
He response was..."Because I think you're pregnant."

Someone please shoot me.

Dine & Dashed Denny's....A night to remember.

Tonight...I finally did something I always wanted to do.

Kyle, Nick, Jp, and I went and got milkshakes at Denny's and an order of fries.
While Kyle was drinking his milkshake, Nick hits him in the face with a little paper ball,
then this random lady wearing an obscene green fuzzy sweater, and her bf walk by,
and she just turns and laughs at Kyle.
Half a second later Kyle just furiously hits the table two or three times, and him and Nick were dying of laughter.

I was just kinda shocked by everything, cause I had no idea what just happened.

After we finish our milkshakes and fries, Nick and Kyle come up with the idea to dine & dash.

Nick left a $1.00 tip on the table, puts the reciept in his pocket, then we waited for the right moment.
Cash Register was clear, then two Asian girls walk up to pay, we get up...walk out...and run to the car.
I tried diving into the mini-van except I kinda tripped then Jp fell ontop of me...we just laughed.

Nervous, Nick pulls out and goes the opposite way of the exit.
We end up making a "victory" lap around Denny's.
Once we turned onto Niagara Falls Blvd...we all just started laughing.

All of us always wanted to do that, and we did, and got away with it.
It was epic.

I will treasure this moment always. lol.
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